Celebrating Culture through Weaving at GBK’s stall at the Cultural Festival

May 30, 2023

At the 2023 Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival on Thursday Island, GBK’s stall celebrated the work of Aunty Flora Warria – both as an artist and a cultural educator.

Visitors picked up a beautiful weaving kit, which includes raffia, a weaving needle and instructions to make beautiful, GBK logo-coloured earrings or a pendant.

Across the Torres Strait, Aunty Flora is known for her beautiful weaving, creating intricate bespoke pieces. We are lucky that nowadays, she focuses on sharing her cultural knowledge with others.

Each festival day Aunty Flora, taught guests how to make woven earrings or a pendant using raffia in the two colours of the GBK logo: green and turquoise.

If you missed Aunty Flora at our stall, here is a link to her YouTube channel where you find a number of useful videos teaching you how to weave.

You can download her weaving instructions here