Native Title Quiz Winners Announced

Jun 7, 2023

The two lucky winners of our Cultural Festival Quiz have been drawn:

Congratulations to Michael Mosby (First Prize – pictured) and Peter Mills (Second Prize). Both received a meat tray. Peter’s prize was collected by his mother Roberta Mills (pictured)

 The correct answers to our six quiz questions, which could all be found in our Native Title Story of the Torres Strait Region, were:

  1. In which locations does GBK have native title offices? In Cairns (level 15, 15 Lake Street – the Cairns Corporate Towers) and on Thursday Island (level 1, 82 Douglas Street). See last page of the Native Title Story, 

  1. What is the Native Title Service Provider (NTSP) region where GBK provides native title services to native title holders and native title claimants? The Torres Strait Region, which is made up of the Torres Strait and the Endeavour Strait (which is the strait running between Cape York Peninsula and Muralag (Prince of Wales Island). See chapter 9 of the Native Title Story.
  1. How many native title determinations do we have in the GBK service region? 29 determinations. See page 4 of the Native Title Story and the National Native Title Tribunal’s website Search Native Title Applications, Registration Decisions and Determinations (
  1. How many Native Title holding corporations, Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) do we have in the Torres Strait region? 21 PBCs which are fully located in GBK’s region and one that is located in both, the GKB and Cape York Land Council’s region, the Northern Cape and Torres Strait United Indigenous Corporation RNTBC. See pages 15 and 22 of the Native Title Story.
  1. Which Commonwealth entity funds GBK to be the NTSP and provide native title services to the Torres Strait Region? The National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). See page 24 of the Native Title Story.
  1. How many Directors does GBK’s board have? 22 directors. One for each PBC and the Urapun Tudadal Gal Land Trust. See page 22 of the Native Title Story.

Thanks to all the community members who participated in the quiz.