GBK’s YesCampaign Event on Thursday Island: A Unified Voice to Parliament

Aug 11, 2023

On 8th August, GBK (Gur A Baradharaw Kod) hosted a significant YesCampaign event on Thursday Island. This community gathering featured notable personalities, including GBK’s Chair Ned David, TSRA Chairman Pedro Stephen, YES23 Advocate Noel Pearson, Cape York Land Council Chairperson Richie Ahmat, “From the Heart” Indigenous Engagement Lead Kenny Bedford, and FNQ Campaign Organiser National Youth Coordinator Stacee Ketchell.

The event served as a vital platform to clarify the importance of the Voice to Parliament and garner support from local communities. Beyond the speeches, the gathering symbolized unity, collective action, and a significant step towards ensuring that indigenous voices are heard in political discourse.

GBK’s hosting of this event is a tribute to a growing movement, a call for justice, inclusion, and recognition, resonating with people who strive for rights, land, and a shared future.


The session was been recorded by Radio 4 Meriba Wakai and can be watched on their FB page. and